10 Fashion Inspirations from Beauty and the Beast. From Famous Designers

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The Disney fairy tale, which recently made its way to the big screen, is indeed becoming a hot topic everywhere. Apart from the famous stars who filled it, of course, the quality of acting and films is a topic of discussion for comparison. Prior to Beauty and the Beast, several Disney’s latest fairy tales had taken off, such as Cinderella, The Jungle Book, and the Sleeping Beauty spin-off – Maleficent. Even so, the film Beauty and the Beast really stole the public’s attention.

This is not only because of looking forward to the Harry Potter star Emma Watson acting as Belle, but also the costumes the players wear. Yes, because it is proven that a few days before the release of the film, the world fashion industry is busy releasing clothes inspired by this film. Curious? Check out the following 10 works

1. Looks like yellow is becoming a trend this year for those of you who want to look feminine. After the film La La Land, yellow dresses are indeed loved by women through Beauty and the Beast

The beautiful yellow dress is one of the characteristics of this film. Yes, the main character – Belle, played by Emma Watson, wears this beautiful dress. Even though it’s too grand, you can choose other, simpler dresses.

2. Beauty and the Beast is synonymous with roses in glass. No wonder it is made into a beautiful evening dress to wear to important events

Is Christoper Kane – a Scottish fashion designer who was inspired to make various clothes from the film Beauty and the Beast. One of the clothes made from roses is one of the important “magnets” in the film. Evidently, Kane designed a beautiful dress in gray, black, and red with a large rose motif on the top.

3. Apart from red and black, light blue is the main color of Belle’s costume in the film. Who would have thought that the blue clothes of his house were so beautifully modified?

One of Belle’s main character clothes that is often used is the white and light blue home clothes. Therefore, it is not surprising that Kane was inspired to make clothes from these colors with very beautiful results. Yes, just look at the design from home in the film as a beautiful dress. Anyone who wears it must say it’s very charming.

4. Unlike other clothes, this dress is full of fun because it is filled with bright colors

Another case with Christoper Kane, online fashion store MinkPink releases clothes inspired by the film Beauty and the Beast. Although these Disney fairy tales have many sad stories, MinkPink prioritizes the element of fun.

5. Not only presenting a feminine element, there is also a jeans jacket with a cartoon image of the beast. You look like a rocker

So far, maybe you used to see plain jeans jackets – without any motif. However, this has actually changed due to changing fashion trends from year to year. Like this Disney jeans jacket that makes you look like a rocker.

6. Black ribbons, light blue colors, and roses are often used in this film. Everything can be made into formal or casual clothes

Curious about what style you can copy from the film Beauty and the Beast? Not only dresses that you can wear to formal events, but also casual clothes such as sweaters or t-shirts with roses on them. You become prettier!

Because sometimes you have to look formal wearing a blazer, there’s nothing wrong with choosing a patterned blazer every now and then. With this choice, you will look cooler and more elegant.

Or you can also look a little indifferent in this outfit. Because the style displayed is very chic and impressive. This is because your elegant side looks very charming.

7. Those of you who like to wear casual clothes can really look contemporary Belle in jeans

Do you prefer to wear jeans? Choose one with rose flower motifs.

8. Bored with the appearance of a plain black blouse? You can cheat this rose-patterned dress to wear out invitations

Not only shirts, blouses are your mainstay for coming to important events. With the rose flower motif, the impression of grace and charm is felt. No wonder everyone will turn to you when you are in public.

9. Since brocade dresses are usually white or some other pastel color, you can wear black brocade with rose red embroidery

Currently, women must have brocade because it is one of the fashion items in the world. It doesn’t have to consist of one color. Evidently, the average Kane design comes from 2 colors, namely black and rose red.

10. Want to scare people when traveling at night? You can use this outfit so that no one is on the street

If you like being teased on the street or at night, you can wear Beauty and the Beast’s sportswear. With the ugly prince’s image motif, the bad people who approach you immediately run away first.

It turns out that this live-action film from a Disney fairy tale is able to hypnotize many people. In addition to the many people lining up to watch it until now, it turns out that the Beauty and the Beast fashion trend is still a hot topic of conversation. Interested in owning one of these?

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