How Animated Films Portray a Bigger Picture Than Just Entertainment

It’s said that animation is something that creates a link between the reality and your imagination. Many of us love watching animated movies irrespective of our age, but have you ever thought that these animated flicks carry profound meanings.

Yes, whether its Cinderella or Cars, Lion king or Frozen, every movie had a deeper meaning which you may or may not have realized. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Beauty And The Beast

The animation not only talks about how love, affection and warmth can melt even a beast’s heart but also focuses on the importance of a pure soul. Belle, the beauty falls in love with the beast without even knowing that the beast was once a handsome prince. This shows that true love does not require a beautiful face but a beauteous heart which can discover the inner beauty of an individual.


You must have watched the bewitching love story of Cinderella and Prince Charming. But did you ever think of it as a tale which signifies the importance of strong will power?

Imagine the lady would have never met the prince if she had left the desire to meet him. She always had hope and strong will to meet the prince and marry him. Her dream came true not because she was lucky enough but she had that strong desire and belief in her dream. Fortune favours the brave is a phrase that defines the hidden meaning of this film.


The story of a mouse, aspiring to be a chef, never failed to fascinate the audience. The rat helps a man named Alfredo Linguini to cook good food and earn respect as a chef in a restaurant.
‘Learning can come from anywhere’ is the masked meaning of this story. One can acquire skills at any point of time from anyone. Also, it focuses on the idea that practice with full dedication can help an individual to excel in any task.

Cars: The Movie

The ravishing story of the hotshot racing car Lightning McQueen has always been a source of entertainment, especially for the people having a huge interest in cars and races. But, no one has ever noticed the deep and disguised meaning of the plot.
The movie conveys the message that the journeys should be enjoyed more than the destination. Yes, rather than stressing on tomorrow, one should enjoy the flavours of today. McQueen, on his journey to Route 66, met many other cars which made his journey more interesting. Life is all about meeting new people, encountering with unprecedented situations and sharing your experiences with others.


Apart from being a love story of an old age couple, it beautifully portrays the fact that life always provides an opportunity to fulfil our dreams and ambitions. May it be the Carl (the old man) or Russell (the kiddo) they both get an opportunity to make their dreams come true. One should always be ready for adventures and experience the unusual circumstances in life.

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So the next time you see any film, try to unfold the hidden meaning in it because sometimes they portray a bigger picture than just entertainment!

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