Movie TimesHaving not performed pre-Film research, I determined to see the film as a result of Jackie Chan is without doubt one of the major actors. Some of my film associates questioned whether or not it was like The Foreigner, which opened on October thirteen, 2017 (Quick reply: No, it is not the identical sort of film, despite the fact that the Opening Scene may recommend otherwise). I was additionally intrigued from reading a short movie synopsis, which I’ve included below, spoiler-free. Please feel free to scroll down for a one paragraph description.

In the late 70s my older brother and all of his pals became huge followers of The Rocky Horror Picture Show ( 1975 ). Never thoughts that they have been a couple of years too younger to be allowed into an R film and had never really seen it. They had the soundtrack which they performed all the time, they knew the words to every track, that they had every book and journal article, they occasionally dressed up as the characters and even as soon as staged a lip sync copy of the film as a yard play which most of the neighborhood confirmed up to see. When it was introduced that the star of Rocky Horror, Tim Curry, would be starring in a new movie referred to as Times Square, my brother and all his buddies have been useless set on seeing it. But identical to Rocky Horror, it was an R movie. No problem although. We had The Haven.

Let me start by saying this is an art kind film so if that is not your curiosity cease right here. This film had an okay circulate and some nice use of CGI and some totally different camera styles. The story nonetheless is a bit on the market for my tastes it appears this movie was going for a tear jerker / what the hell just happened sort film which I should admit I did not really take pleasure in. When the Welcome to Regal” reel performs, it is a sign to the viewers that the Trailers will be playing, after shifting via Popcorn and Arches.

She could solely seem in RSO motion pictures and Stigwood produced stage shows. She was even unique to RSO Records, which means she couldn’t accept recording contracts from every other record firm. Stigwood was priming her to be a rock star. For the soundtrack album he had Robin sing a duet with David Johansen called Flowers within the City. She was nonetheless raw and would need a few singing classes, but was fully able to recording a New Wave album at that point. And she could probably play the electric guitar. At least she appeared to know the way in Times Square, and later within the movie Splitz. No doubt Stigwood noticed she had potential to sell records. Rumors abounded in 1981 that Robin had just recorded an album that was still waiting to be released. For a while there was even a rumor a couple of thousand copies of the album had been released without any publicity, and when you regarded very hard you may discover a copy at one of many record shops.

Since I do not need this Universal employee’s actual name, nor can confirm what he claims he knew, nor even verify that he was a long time worker for Universal and not just a few blogger they hired for his or her publicity division, I am going to list this one as internet rumor. But a rumor that might clarify why she didn’t appear in something between 1985 and 1988. Well, with one exception. She had a cameo in the movie After Hours ( 1985 ). Her scene may have been shot previous to any Universal deal, however I doubt it. There is one curious factor about her cameo. She doesn’t speak. A non talking position would technically not violate any holding deal. After Hours was produced by Griffin Dunne and Amy Robinson, once once more suggesting a connection between Robin and people producers.

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