U.S. Authorities Seize Websites Over Pirated Movies

Movie WebsitesIt involved U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and different regulation enforcement agencies, and got here per week after the White House unveiled an enforcement plan for tackling theft of mental property.

Movie websites are after all all in regards to the movies they promote. But screenshots, trailers, photos and images alone could also be not sufficient to convey the atmosphere of a film. A lot more can by completed by weaving the story and concept in with the design parts. Each website showcased beneath does a fantastic job of recreating its movie’s feel and drawing visitors in.

MovieHunter an ideal place to watch free movies streaming. It has huge collection of movies from all genres- drama, comedy, horror, action, romance, thriller and so on. Its super straightforward to navigate. Besides high video high quality is its strongest facet. But extra importantly you can watch the newest or high seen films totally free. No registration, no sign up or credit card necessities.

Not to mention that this should not even be as discussion of Flash vs HTML5. They serve two very totally different functions and are suitable for two very different types of web site so putting them in direct competition is sillyness; which may be very irritating as a result of it’s harmful to the inventive neighborhood. We should be embracing HTML5 for unified standards and applauding Flash for the rich content it has offered (and will proceed to offer) over the years, not toss it apart.

I would have assumed that more publishers are spending time creating some sort of fallback solutions to target the non-Flash users. Sadly, I was mistaken. A fallback would neither be time consuming to create nor be technologically difficult and would serve some extra customers – say, potential clients. Background information about the movies’ tales can be good for instance because the trailers are already known from TV (assuming you watch it when you go to cinema).

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