Northern Lights Theater Pub is to reopen after securing funding in a partnership with Star Cinema and Dallas Cinema.

Patrons will likely first notice the higher prices. Then they’ll notice the movies being shown, like “Black Adam” and “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,” are the same ones the chain theaters in Salem are showing.

The city’s only second-run movie theater, Northern Lights Theater Pub, is switching formats to become a first-run movie theater beginning Friday.

Ticket prices will go up to $9 — $7 for matinees before 5 pm — from the current $5. But the theater owners believe it is the only way to keep one of Salem’s two independent theaters open amidst a changing movie-viewing landscape.

“We still are Salem’s most affordable place to go see a movie, but we have to do this and we’re trying to meet in the middle somewhere and hopefully choose us,” co-owner Kevin Roudebush said. “Now that we have first run, we hope to do really well.”

Tickets will still be $5

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Representative architectural of the Stuart Weitzman Theater from the Annenberg Center Plaza.

Penn announced Monday that it will be building a new performing arts theater next to the Annenberg Center.

The new theater will be named after the Wharton Class of 1963 graduate and luxury footwear designer Stuart Weitzman as part of a “transformative gift” to the University, Penn Today reported. The 3,100-square-foot building, which is part of a $25-million renovation plan, is expected to have an audience capacity of 300 to 350 people and will connect to the south side of the Annenberg Center using a portion of the plaza between Locust Walk and Walnut Street.

“This is a pivotal project for the performing arts,” Penn President Liz Magill told Penn Today. “Naming the theater for Stuart honors his enduring commitment to Penn students, his love of the performing arts, and our shared desire to make the performing arts

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One of the advantages of running a theater is that when you have the irresistible urge to say something rapidly, you have the resources at your command to achieve it. That’s what transpired this summer with Molly Smith, Arena Stage’s artistic director, after the US Supreme Court overturned the settled abortions rights case law of Roe v. Wade.

In short order, Smith was calling and emailing writers who she knew would have their own urgent and poignant responses to the attack on a basic legal right for American women. The result was the extraordinarily swift whipping-up of a production that will run at Arena next month, presenting the voices of eight female playwrights of various generations and colors, speaking their minds about decisions over their bodies.

The dramatists behind “My Body No Choice” include such established talents as Sarah Ruhl, Dael Orlandersmith, Lisa Loomer, Lee Cataluna and V, formerly

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Free MoviesSir Roger Moore played Ian Fleming’s secret agent James Bond in seven films between 1973 and 1985. In honor of his passing, a very long time fan reviews the person’s 007 appearances.

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Seems like old times, compiling a broad list of options for a pretty much fully stocked autumn in the theater world. Thanks in large part to the federal aid that held the industry together through the worst part of the pandemic, American theater has managed to survive. This season, though, may represent the more formidable test of the strength of its institutions, large and small, and be a truer measure of how much of its audience it can count on returning.

To that end — and not even considering the much-anticipated arrival of Lea Michele in New York, as the Fanny Brice who might rescue the sagging Broadway revival of “Funny Girl” — herein find some of the potentially rewarding options:

Why don’t we start off with Frank Loesser’s humdinger of a classic, the one with the Gotham gamblers rockin’ the boat, and an unmarried poyson developing a cold? The

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