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On this website one can find experiences on motion pictures new and outdated. Each of the opinions has a trailer for the flicks that will help you determine the next choice on the video store. And all this free of charge.

In 1995 the city council, spurred on by mayor Giuliani, handed laws that forced the porno shops and peep reveals to close. Eminent domain chased out the grindhouse theaters, but in addition a lot of other mom and pop businesses that the city felt didn’t match into their vision of a vacationer friendly Times Square. Demolition of the outdated Times Square really began in 1982 with the destruction of the original Helen Hayes Theater along with the Morosco, Bijou, Astor and Gaiety theaters to make method for the Marriott Marquis Hotel. Throughout the 80s and early 90s similar acts of eminent domain and demolition noticed almost the entire Broadway …

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